Thursday, 29 January 2009

Plain Sock on Circulars

I'm just loving this!!
Now I've got the hang of it I really am enjoying knitting this sock - its just so QUICK! and EASY!
I'm almost at the toe section and pleased I forced myself to try this method of knitting socks and might feel inclined, now I've had some success, to try the 2xsocks 2xcircs next! eeek!!

I must MUST buy, however, some decent circular needles! These are just cheapie ones bought from the local market - £0.89p a pair! and the join on one is okay but rather terrible on the 2nd and it didn't help that I put a huge blog of nailvarnish on the badly joined pair to distinguish but I wasn't sure whether I'd take to this method and as none of the LYS actually sell sock sized circulars, it will have to be an online purchase, I think!

My other sock is still on the go, I still have some doubts about the size etc, but am hoping it will be okay in the end!

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