Sunday, 18 January 2009

A quick Catch up!

A very belated Happy New Year wish!
Can't quite believe another year! already? so soon!
My shoulder and stomach issues continue to plague me and I'm starting to get used to feeling ill and hurting but managing to work around this on the basis I still feel ill AND hurt whether I do anything or not!
Obviously I'm limited by my shoulder to what I do, but I'm finding little and often with breaks for rests inbetween work well enough!
I've had the endoscopy test now (THAT was something else! seriously NOT that pleasant but not that bad, really, and two days later aside from a still sore throat, I've practically forgotten all about it!) and just need to wait to see the Dr who will, hopefully, decide how best to sort me out!
Still going to PT and apart from another flare up of pain and having to abandon the 2nd set of rather more painful exercises he'd set me, I've managed to keep up the required sets of repeats inbetween appointments.
Next week another visit to GP and PT.
DH celebrates his birthday tomorrow! yay! cake! we get cake! no.2.son has baked him a victoria sponge and we shall go out for a meal to celebrate. He will be 63.
No.1.son has had excellent results from his mock GCSE's which looks like he's on course to do well this year and we've been taking him for his interviews at the local 6th form colleges, we are waiting now for letters back.
No.2.son had a terrific school report for 2008 and shortly he will be choosing his options for GCSE which he'll commence next year.
I can't believe the lads are growing up! and so fast! no.1.son turns 16yrs beg. of March! he and a couple of school pals are going to see Snow Patrol - their first concert! (he wouldn't let "us" take him! pity, wouldn't have minded going myself! although dh and I are on lift duty!)

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