Monday, 2 February 2009


We woke this morning to SNOW! proper snow! real snow!

Great excitement from the cats, Lilly above skipping about playfully IN the snow, and Bertie below, tucked safely behind the curtains inside looking at his sister and probably wondering WHY on earth she was skipping about

Time was, of course, when the lads would be eager to get outside and skip about in the snow, but these days they just want to listen to the radio to find out if they have a snow day and is their school closed!

Well it wasn't, initially, on the list of local school closures so I packed them off to school this am and settled down for a nice peaceful day! By midday, however, school had decided to close and send home all pupils due to the dangerously slippery conditions underfoot.

Having already had a huge row with no.1.son about his refusal to wear a coat, I wasn't unhappy at them being sent home before more of the promised snow falls this afternoon!

Hopefully dh arrived at his place of work safely and hopefully he'll be sensible and leave in good time to return.

I ventured out to drop my repeat prescription in and pick up some fresh fruit from the local supermarket and the weather is certainly colder today than its been for a long time! Plenty of snow underfoot it wasn't too bad walking, but I can see that as it freezes over night tomorrow and the next few days will be rather tricky.

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