Friday, 1 August 2008

back! from Sunny Spain!

We're back! from a very HOT and SUNNY Spain! (and never been so pleased to have grey dull skies and dash of rain! - not!)

A few photo's and highlights of the holiday to follow, for now as you can imagine its piles of laundry all over the place and two rather bored teenagers who seem, apparently, incapable of assisting in such dreary domestic matters! yes, we celebrated no.2.son's 13th birthday on the last full day of our holiday (and yes, he's turned into full stroppy teen-mode or mood! already!).

Cats are delighted we're back! I think they are going to make us suffer a penalty of much fussing, stroking and generally paying attention to them for at least a week and generally we're GLAD to be back home too.

Hubby has returned to work, I don't until next week - a good break and one that has done me, at least, the world of good!

I wish I could say I did LOADS of the knitting I planned! but lets just say it was too hot for knitting and I managed only about 10rows of the back using my lovely bargain Rowan bamboo tape before abandoning it and diving into BOOKS instead! can't remember the last time I sat and just read 5 books straight off like that but its got me back into reading mode and I'm hopping up to the library this afternoon (okay! I cannot fib! I've had a reservation reminder in that one of the fabbo felting books I'd requested is now available!! but I will, also, get a few books to READ too!!).

Full list of what I read, what we did, where we went and some pics will follow but right now its all WASHING WASHING AND MORE WASHING!

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