Saturday, 30 August 2008

Time for a new PC!

Well the latest bout of pc woes has made our minds up!
We're definitely getting a new one, and ditching this one asap!
My brother called round to fix the latest in the saga of peculiarities (I think he didn't quite believe me until he saw it for his own eyes and he had to confess that he'd never known ANYONE to have quite the range and frequency of problems EVER! - and he *does* a lot of people's pc's! he sort of thinks it might either be one of us, OR it might be true that we do in fact have a lodger aka MMG residing in our pc, either way we're all rather fed up of it!).

My biggest area of concern is my embroidery software, I'm assured that I don't have to worry, my brother will find a way around it and at the moment I'm inclined to go with anything so we're going to give it a try with a new pc! - hurrah!

THANKS for the very kind and thoughtful comments on the last post - I do appreciate them and thank you for the time taken to add them. This year I am feeling very much more positive in my outlook and not quite so raw with it; losing, I think, both parents inside 18months does make a difference and a health scare of my own has led to quite a bit of emotional upheaval lets hope the progress onwards continues as positively!

The v.neck tunic is almost complete! hurrah!! All that is left is the 2nd armhole picking up stitches and knitting the 5rows and its done!
I've tried it on and while it needs the right top underneath, I think I'm going to find this useful in the autumn and I'm glad I've (nearly) finished it!
Photo's will follow (providing the pc obliges! which it probably will now it knows officially that it is to resigned to the scrapheap) once its fully completed.

My son made an interesting comment, obviously I tried to explain that its not at its best over a cap sleeved blue v.neck tee - BUT in theory ignoring the poor choice of tee - WHAT did he think of it? (I showed him the photo on the front cover of the book and also a pair of similar outfits in a recent knitting magazine) and he studied them before saying "yes. but these look factory made. YOURS looks handmade!".
And he's got a point. Although to be fair at the time I had one armhole still on needles and the other is yet to be started therefore not quite finished and I do find that garments until they ARE fully complete, never quite look right, do they? I usually lose confidence at this point prior to ful completion and now avoid trying on my sewn garments lest I lose heart and fling the lot in the basket and fail to finish it.

Years ago I watched an interesting tv programme in which some dress designers made some comments about how they deliberately flaw their garments in order to avoid them looking like they've come off a production line (no need for me to do this, mine are generally flawed anyway!) and it struck a chord with me thats remained since, that the whole point of making my own clothes is that I'm not trying to aim for looking like its off the rack from M&S; besides! its trendy at the moment to have unique clothes, and mine are certainly that!!

Anyway, I've enjoyed knitting this and its been a nice project and will be a useful item and in a neutral colour too, will post all details of yarn and pattern with photo soon.


Jules said...

I love reading your blog Sue! It's like we're having a conversation.:) I love seeing your clothes you make also. Keep it up!

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Jules! the crafty side of our conversations will pick up once the new school year starts.