Monday, 18 August 2008

Picking up the needles (again!)

PICKED up the needles again and this time am resolved to keep my knitting going and desperate though I am to start knitting the bamboo I started on holiday and maybe put on some of the bargain Cocoon I am resolved to finishing what I've already started FIRST!

I realised that part of the reason I put off picking up a forgotten project is that I can't remember where I am in the sequence of pattern and takes me ages to find myself before I can continue and then I've sort of gone off the idea! Having realised I was in fact further on that I thought in my deep V neck tunic, I decided to tackle that one first! Next is my 2nd sock and then I will once and for all FINISH the stripey sideways cardi/jacket .. thats the plan, anyway!

Debating whether to buy up any of the Rowan KSN currently on offer down to £1.85 .. ho humm .. shall I? shan't I? .. what to DOO .. (I did say no more random purchases no matter how tempting and my NEW resolve is to buy what I NEED to knit what I WANT at the TIME, sigh, but its hard to turn away a bargain?)

What should I do? buy it or walk away?

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