Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A whole year of blogging!

I just checked! a whole year of blogging! I'm rather pleased with what I've achieved since starting to blog my craft-chat-projects, who would have thought I'd have added felting and hand embroidery to my skills!
I need to push myself a little, though, for this next year as I'm slipping a bit in the completion of projects. Fortunately I've a ton of ideas forming at the back of my head and perhaps I'll write them out and form a plan of action!
FIRST off is to once and for all finish my sock no.2 which has come out of its project bag (and gone back IN) several times to see me sit and gaze at it for ages but not actually KNIT any of it!
I'm inspired, however, to knit SOCKS not least after gazing at THIS super stripy pair! absolutely GORGEOUS! and socks are everywhere, calling to me!
I've started reading twist-blog and plan to follow up its new online knitting mag which I found out about after reading this blog post and found myself agreeing with what the writer said.

When I got back into knitting after a HUGE gap of (cough! nearly 20yrs! .. gulp?) I and my two sewing-pals found ourselves gasping with horror at the though of having to buy a BOOK! a WHOLE BOOK! for one pattern! we found it very hard to get our heads around this idea after being used to going down to the LYS, laying our wool behind for as long as we liked and sharing a pattern between, say, 4 or 5 of us! (unless of course we were using one from a magazine, I've still got a huge stash of patterns that I'd obviously taken out of mags and kept from the days when mags DID have knitting patterns featured weekly). Nowadays I find myself buying these books when - gulp - I don't even have any intention of knitting anything up! they are just SEW SCRUMMY! After nearly 3 weeks away from work, I return to find my knitty-pal beside herself grabbing my arm before I even have chance to fling my bag into locker to look at the SIX NEW BOOKS out since I broke up for hols! six! SIX!? (good job I've a birthday coming up soon!!).

I've added several new blogs to my reader recently, I must update my list to reflect it.


Wilda said...

HAPPY BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY GIRLFRIEND ! I really enjoy reading your blogs wishin' I could keep up with you! LUVYA

mooncalf said...

Happy 1 year anniversary! Best of luck for year 2!

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks! both! for the kind comments! I do hope this forthcoming year of craftiness is a good one and of course I'll be sure to go on and on about it! ;-)
Large G+T's all round? clinks glasses.

quiltingseagull said...

Wow it sure doesn't seem like it has been a year. Time flies so fast when your having fun. Happy blogiversary!!!!!!

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Cheryl!
we shall have CAKE! soon!
no.2.son is really into baking!

quiltingseagull said...

Very dangerous for the waistline. gggg

SewIknit2 said...

.. and not much better for the blancmangey middle bits and hips either! sigh ..
I'm waiting for someone to invent Debs' 0 cal cake

quiltingseagull said...

What is that yummy looking filling in the cake Matt made you?