Wednesday, 13 August 2008

post birthday

Thanks Debs and Wilda for the SUPER cyber-birthday cards, they were really great fun!

Had a rather super card from my brother, Martin, too (well, super apart from the fact that he'd picked an old school photo of me with a SERIOUS case of bad hair day! - didn't my Mother CHECK I'd combed my hair before leaving for school on a "school photo day"?!) anyway, that was great fun too to receive except he'd reminded me of how old I was which was unfortunate as I had thought I was a year younger! gulp! The trouble with not particularly celebrating birthdays is its very hard to keep track of actual age! (interestingly, I don't have a problem keeping track of everyone elses actual age .. hmm .. maybe I just don't want to accept the inevitable?).

Have DECIDED, particularly after receiving correspondance from an old school pal who used phrases like "not seen anyone for 32yrs" and "now we're middleaged women" that the time may have come to finally do something about the hair! the GREY hair, that is! With talk last night by hubby on the next significant birthdays and planned celebrations (my 50th his 65th and no.1.son's 18th and no.2.son's 16th in the same year - and NO! not NEXT year either! grrr!) I thought well at least I don't have to look like I might be nearer to 65!
Plan to talk through options with hairdresser, Steve, next week!
Look out! I might go mad and turn colourful!
Love to hear from anyone managing their greying hair, I've been managing mine since early 20's! .. mostly with highlights but now, as my son points out even the highlights look grey!

When I mentioned my birthday at work, and someone asked me what my retirement plans were I decided that maybe I ought to sort once and for all the grey hair and the thick ankles! All comments and thoughts welcome!

Had nice meal out last night after work AND, of course, my YUMMY birthday cake as baked by Matt!

oh! nearly forgot! my pressie! have decided on a new chair for my sewing room (ignoring the mutterings from dh about finding one that "plugs in" ...)

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