Saturday, 23 August 2008

Everyone Should Have Cake!

I SEW agree with this statement! and like this blogger, I too shall be having choc-chip fairy cakes next week as thats what no.2.son has planned for Tuesday's bake in!!
I've enjoyed reading Kate's blog and in particular the lovely lace which reminds me I've not done anything to mine - gulp! in ages!
Tomorrow we are having rhubarb crumble again as no.1.son has declared a fancy for it, which is terrific news for me as I LOVE PUDDINGS next best to cake!

I've enjoyed reading this blog after a cyber-sew-pal-Cheryl found and alerted us to the FAB tutorial for a pin cushion with cd's and I must get my CP box of bits and pieces out again pretty soon!!

Tempted (very much) by this star dish cloth, I can see I'm getting inspired now all I need is to get the lads back into School and my time is once more my own!

As the Olympics draws to a close, we've been sat in front of the tv glued to it for so long I'm almost forgotten what my sewing room looks like! The one good thing, however, is that I'm back on track with my KNITTING! hurrah! I was ready to throw my v.neck tunic in the bin last week after I messed up the front TWICE and reknit it twice but its 3rd time lucky and at least its got me back into the swing of things, when it looks a little more interesting I'll take photo's but right now its a tangle of curled edges. Caught, as they are, in the atmosphere, both lads have decided to take up running!! no.1.son did join the local club a couple of years ago but I can't somehow see no.2.son sticking it out - they do a LOT of running!

Yet another shopping bag sewn today! I do find them much better than the supermarket plastic bags and even dh is agreeing how useful they are particularly after one broke midway from car to house and spilled over the front drive, this has been a terrific stash buster.

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