Tuesday, 26 August 2008

pc woes, vista and new blog

Boring to whitter on about my ongoing saga of pc-woes, suffice it to say its just not playing nice at the moment and I've hopped onto lads' pc upstairs to update my blog and blither on here a bit about the frustration of it all!
No.2.db is suggesting Vista, and I've already told him in no uncertain terms what will happen to him IF I cannot access my emb.software due to issues with it and Vista and having read my pal's account of HER issues and frustration, I'm sort of inclined to steer well clear!
I'm pleased that Pauline has decided finally (after much nagging and not just from me!) to get her act together and start a blog! which she has, and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it very much! A prolific crafter and definitely with *no fear* she's certainly no big girls' blouse when it comes to all things sewing! I will credit Pauline for getting me into sewing lingerie - bra's in particular - not least because of the super lessons and the best of starts : a huge bag of haby and lace to start me off a few years back. She posts here where her lessons are linked.

The v-neck tunic is coming along well, all the neckline is crammed onto one needle ready for the final rib and then its just a matter of sewing it up!
I shall be glad to see it finished, not least because I can then start finishing something else off before putting my next *new* project OTN's.

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