Tuesday, 15 July 2008

MORE new books!! (and trims)

HURRAH! picked up my copy of the latest Rowan magazine, 44 and very fab it looks too although I've not had chance to study it!
Wish I'd seen the latest Studio, 11 sooner as I'd have picked that up too, some SUPER designs in this newest issue but sadly I didn't spot it until too late (shop closed! boo!).

At the same time, I picked up from discount shop, The Works, the easy beaded crochet book a fab BARGAIN at only £1.99 after reading about it here! from Make do and Mend which has a super pic. of Martha from Rowan, 37 on todays home page; I've been reading this for ages now and its a good read sew give it a go if you've not already.

The bunches of trim, were a bargain at 5ms each in length, and cost £1.50 per bunch; goodness only knows what I'll DO with them, but they look nice! Thought they might look nice as a sort of trim for bags, what do you think? (they are nicer in reality than the pic reflects, sort of like bunches of flowers).

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