Monday, 27 February 2012

Rams & Yowes blanket arrived

One of the kits I ordered in my "moment of madness" and spending spree of ordering off the internet lots of lovlinesses was THIS!  a glorious blanket I plan to casually "throw" over the back of my sofa (and woebetide ANYONE who leans against it! and if the CATS think can get their sharp claws out they can start looking for a new home ha!)
Slightly disappointed that one of the yarns was out of stock at the time, I opted to wait until it had come back in rather than accept a lighterweight substitute and I'm very pleased that I did!  the wool is lovely! all sheepy and yummy and it was well worth waiting just a short fortnight to get my hands on this.
The package is very well presented with a lovely pair of patterns (and sufficient yarn, so they say, to knit both) comprising the Rams & Yowes Blanket and the Sheepheid Tam and comes also with a lovely tourist guide to visiting Shetland and what to do/history etc.
Seeing the wool up close I would be very happy to recommend this company and I am looking forward to starting the project, albeit very nervous about the whole "steeking" issue.
Have put out an alert to hand-holding links, tips and suggestions to the group on Ravelry!
If anyone has any to suggest, please do comment this post, I would be grateful. x

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