Thursday, 23 February 2012

Can't believe its been a whole month! tidy up ..

I can't believe its been a whole month since I blogged!
What have I done in this time .. loads! and spent loads ££ .. sigh ..
Baked lots and bought stuff ..
I ought to be more organised and blog more frequently as it happens.
Never mind - this week I decided to have a tidyup and sort out of my knitting notions and various bits and pieces which led me to consider sewing a stack of bags but instead! I decided to put to good use all the lovely cosmetic bags I've gathered (mainly Clinique ones from their gift sets/freebies with purchases etc that I can't seem to resist).

Most of them are ideal for notions and bits and pieces and I sorted them into piles and then decided that a lot of individual bags albeit neatly organised, would be too much to bring down to the lounge where I mostly knit - instead I decided to put them in one of the lovely boxes I had been using to store stashed yarn - now all I have to do is sneak it downstairs and site it carefully so as not to draw attention to it by the family who have tendancy to notice these things (isn't that why you have a sewing room!? to KEEP stuff IN?) ..

straight needles all sorted
knitting notions & circs, dpns etc sorted into cosmetic bags
all bags into one box!
I spent considerable time sorting out and marking where necessary all the dnps and circs that I have and putting them back into their bags and all my sewing up and crochet stuff too.

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