Thursday, 23 February 2012

there has to be CAKE!

apple pie
choc filled sponge
spiced shortbread
assortment of mini cakes filled
fat free "fryer"
Lets just leave it that there has been lots of baking.  lots of cakes, mostly chocolate due to no.2.son and's preference.  I was most impressed with the new chocolate "filling" sourced from a new cook book which went down a treat with the family and simple to make comprised of icing sugar and butter mostly.  The apple pie was a "new" to me recipe and went down well with dh who favours "pies".
Our expensive purchase of the month was the lovely Tefal fat-free "fryer".  what can I say? it works! I don't know how! but it does.  We've made "chips" and "pot-wedges" in it and while it IS expensive, we've wanted one for ages and decided to splash out and buy one.

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