Friday, 24 February 2012

Getting Claire walking

If you are able, please view this link for two interviews that dh's Niece, Claire Lomas, has given for ITV's Daybreak programme - she features around 6.40am and 8.06am ish along with her husband and beautiful new daughter recently turned one years.

You can read Claire's story here and follow progress on her blog.
If you can and feel you'd like to support her, she has a fundraising page here to accompany her pledge to walk the London Martathon in aid of Spinal Research.
Claire is so amazingly positive and deserves supporting.
You can watch Claire learning to walk in this marvellous "robot" suit here.
And follow her on Facebook too.
Buy her handmade jewellery or purchase a "riders revealed" calendar.
Ahead of her huge challenge of the London Marathon she is racing her daughter to see which of them will be the first to learn to walk and  Maisie is such a delightful little girl full of character and much loved, I hope they do it together!

edited to add this latest link which gives a bit more of Claire's remarkable story.

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