Monday, 27 February 2012

My Sarah Lund "killing" jumper ..

.. is coming on really nicely! and shaping up now that I've knit the first set of motifs and commenced the 2nd repeat ..

my killing jumper progress
I'm enjoying this project very much, so far its an easy knit and I'm pleased at how quickly it is progressing.  I've got the hang of using both hands now for the knitting of the two-colour motifs and this will be good practice for when I start working on my big project!

I'm surprised there aren't more people knitting this on Ravelry as it seemed to be very popular amongst knitters and I though now its available as a kit and pattern in magazine that there would be more interest.  Next planned is the "red" killing 2 jumper - at these sort of prices its well worth it to get a nice "winter woolly" at an affordable price.  The wool is lovely to knit with and I think it will be warm and cosy to wear.  I wonder if I'm the only person in UK at the moment to be scanning the weather forecasts hoping to fnd "a CCCOLDD snap is on its way .. wrap up WARM .."  ?

Well I shall wear this what ever the weather !!

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Anonymous said...

your sweater looks great =] i have the same pattern from a magazine as you are using but am going to change the motif slightly to make it more like sarah's jumper in the programme =] keep knitting! looking fab =]