Thursday, 23 February 2012

Library books - knitting

bargain rowan books purchased in clearance
terrific all round book OF knitting bought Waterstones
some of the knit library books on loan

I'm pleased with the books I bought for patterns from Rowan and the "knitting" book is a good reference and I've practically read it from cover to cover and can recommend it!

I am definitely going to buy Textured Stitches! every page I turn I want to knit THAT! and THAT! ..

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PixieMum said...

I bought The Knitting Book in W H Smiths for £13.50 instead of £25.00.

It had been reduced to £15.99 but I pointed out some damage to the edge of the cover so some more was taken off the price.

The pages inside are perfect, it is a good reference book.

I have ordered books from the library to see what they are like before buying the volume, case in point was Ann Budd's Getting started, knitting socks.

Amazon now keep guiding husband to new knitting books, a strange mix with his choice of maths. books.