Friday, 16 March 2012

BOOKS! knitting and baking

Ever since loaning this cook book from the local library I have had my eye out for a bargain price and recently The Works have had a tremendously good set of offers bookwise and I was pleased to see this at the local branch.
From the book:
Ginger Cake! scrummy yummy! this is a really easy recipe and best of all only requires one egg so is ideal for the end of the week ahead of shopping when kitchen is running low!  I think I've done it to death though - the family have asked that we have a "rest" from cake ....

DH requested I try my hand at making a mushroom soup. 
and no.2.son declared the variation on "minced meat pie" where finely chopped cooked onions and minced beef are spread over a rectangle of puff pastry, grated cheese atop rolled and sliced into "pin wheels" to be BETTER than the previously popular "classic minced beef 'n'onion pie" from the previously popular Jamie Oliver cook book!  seriously easy to "make" and quick to bake .. ideal for a family!
The book bargains didn't end there - no.2.son expressed an interest in The Hunger Games, trilogy and I was lucky enough to find the three books for sale at £5 the set!
Knitwise there were several books I could have happily bought but I decided to pick just the one:
based on seeing a lovely classic cardigan featured in this book at a recent knit-night and on finding that a nearly LYS is a stockist for the lovely Noro yarns! hurrah! now all I need is a SALE!

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