Thursday, 23 February 2012

Finished! "Joshua" and it fits perfectly!

Not only does it fit perfectly but I had more than enough yarn to complete the pattern including adding several inches to the overall length plus the sleeves too to suit my tall'n'skinny no.2.son's preferences.

Joshua, from The Knitter, issue 39, by Sarah Hatton.  Aimed at teenagers, my son agreed that this was a "nice looking jumper" and without too much persuasion he was pushed into agreeing that I could - if I REALLY wanted - knit this for him!
It took me a while to get to grips with the pattern mostly because of my funny memory problems I have since my experience with the 2nd catheter ablation for Atrial Fibrillilation in Sept '10 left me with a "clot" lodged at the back of one eye - I'm considerably improved now (with time, great healer?) but still get the odd "funny" and it can be frustrating when even a simple set of instructions just doesn't "stick" despite it being a repetitive one.
I added to the overall length and must have ordered "extra" yarn because I've got 1.5balls of MC left, and 1.25 of CC.
Do you think my Son looks smart i it?


Anonymous said...

Yes that jumper looks great I might knit it for one of my sons too.

marysews said...

What's really cool is that it fits and he's wearing it!