Thursday, 23 February 2012

A spending spree! bargain yarns

Inspired by fellow Raveller's and also knitting magazines' patterns I went on a rather mad and somewhat reckless spending spree last week and splashed out on a couple of knitting "kits" and some yarn and patterns too. 
I don't usually order online, but really some of the better deals not to mention terrific choices are only available from further afield than the LYS or Dept. stores and after a wobbly start I finally got my hands on MOST of what I've ordered and very pleased I am too (and with MYSELF! hurrah! for being "brave" and doing what I expect most knitters do routinely!).

First off - the lovely Julie inspired me to go for it and order the kit for the lovely Nordic Snowflake "killing" jumper - I had got the Knit issue 46, special nordic which contained the pattern and briefly toyed with subbing the yarn for another but after seeing the price of the "actual" yarn how could I not!?

A slight - cough - shall we say "mix up"? (ok, I confess! I input an incorrect post code in my order! blush!) meant that one week later I still hadn't received my kit and after a couple of email exchanges a 2nd parcel was sent and yes, you guessed, the FIRST arrived too. the very next day! annoying!  but to be fair, I hadn't realised it was delayed, and I could easily have left it a few more days and then if it hadn't arrived it would be awkward for reporting?
Anyway, the one good thing to come out of it (apart from reminder to CHECK the detail before closing eyes and pressing SEND -- send it now! send it to mee! -- SEND button) is that I've now found a really nice place to order from for the future - very kindly one half of the business owners called in on her way home from a nearby exhibition to collect the 2nd "spare" parcel and completely put me at ease about ordering "from strangers" and I'm now poised and ready to hit the SEND button the minute the 2nd "red" killing II kit comes up for sale!

I CO after careful swatching and knit the lower ribbed hem last night and am ready to do the first motif chart.  One of my brother's was kind enough to offer to blow up the charts for ease of reading/knitting and I now don't even need to wear my glasses!

hem for killing jumper

careful swatching
SECOND to be ordered is the lovely YUMMY kit that I've wanted to order for ages ever since reading about it and when it came up as a kit - on the same day! - I just had to have it!
Unfortunately one of the yarns was not available and I've opted to wait until it comes back in rather than have a substitute which was offered to me as an alternative yarn.  The email suggested a wait of approx a fortnight so with a bit of luck next week ought to see me looking out for it!

The NEXT order was this! isn't it adorable?  with two babies celebrating their first birthdays just weeks apart in my sil's family, I thought that this would be perfect to knit for them.
I've commenced the first using some left over Rowan purelife british sheep breeds dk from the scarf/union jack I knit earlier on.

Also OTN's is a nice fun knit project, a cosy scarf knit from one ball of Rico mini pompom that came in the final mad order placed this time with the lovely Kemps who also offer a very good and prompt service.  I followed the video instructions for advice on knitting this scarf from here.

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