Friday, 20 January 2012

Magazines and lovely cake - relax

Postman flung my subscriber's copies of The Knitter, issue 41 and Simply Knitting, issue 90 at me just as I left to get my INR checked at the Surgery - this is how I plan to spend the last hour before no.2.son arrives home from College ..

cup of tea in my lovely V&A china mug, large slice of fresh cream filled chocolate sponge cake and two magazines - bliss x

quite fancy the cowl pattern from The Knitter by Louisa Harding seen on the right of the pic, there is a version for a collar and capelet included too in various weights of yarn - might have to have a rummage through stash later on ..  cute little owl needle thingie from SK this month and next month is an owl row counter, I don't usually care much for the freebies but this one is quite cute.   SK this month also has a leaflet for 5 patterns to make "for mums" scarves, cowls and the like for "Mother's Day" which is ages off but the Mag is confusingly dated "March".  I know that magazines run at a different time zone to us and they appear in advance of themselves, but really? MARCH? its still January - isn't it?  I don't completely understand the dates to my thinking they come out every month once a month so why the jump? must be something to do with the leap year?  anyway, as I subscribe to both of these I'm not going to miss/lose out so as it bothers me I just don't look at the date - bah!

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