Monday, 22 August 2011

"Tender" my new autumn knit from Rowan mag.50

I'm knitting this from Rowan's magazine: 50 and Rav'd it here.
Although I've got two or three current projects OTN's and had resolved to finishing those before starting anything "new" two things made me cast on this weekend:
1/ X factor started! and I needed something nice and easy to keep track knitting while watching this with no.2.son (and we're steadily working our way back through series of 24 with no.1.son 2-3 episodes at a time to get through as much before he goes to Uni in Oct!) and what better a knit than one with blocks of colour in and a dead easy pattern!?
and 2/ I really REALLY want to wear this new seasons pattern NOW - THIS season! and not in 3yrs time! bah!
the back
I'm loving the colours, it looks totally different to the book but I think this will be great for me! Just about to change colour again and continue with the shaping at the back, hope to get this done over the next few weeks ready for when I might need to wear it!! x

I am RUBBISH at finishing.
I think I am a process knitter.
I love having things OTN's and enjoy starting new projects, love the challenge of learning the new techniques eg ML and 2AAT but really I should just buy 2skeins of yarn and knit a handful of SAMPLES?  bah!

I wish I were quicker at knitting - I can be quick to knit for example when knitting the baby-knits earlier this year (but then again, tiny baby knits ARE quick to finish on account of teeny-tiny!!).  I've another new baby to knit for - the of my has become an "auntie" - her sister whom we've only met a few times but enjoyed her company each time has had a gorgeous baby girl! AND hurrah and thank GOODNESS she likes PINK'N'FRILLS!! phew! about time!!
Need to get cracking.  And order something in PINK to knit from my book.

My Sissal Gloves are on hold.  temporarily. but might be ripped back.
I feel there are errors in the pattern and am waiting to hear corrections before deciding but in addition to this which has put me off, I'm really finding it a STRUGGLE to keep track and "remember" the key and sequence of the colour changes.
I'm finding this a particular neuro-problem since my incident during catheter ablation last Sept and it is worse when doing this type of "remembering".  Poor old Portree has had to go on to a cable for holding and thats only got TWO colours for the same reason.  I feel if I'm going to "struggle" with this type of knitting, I'd be better off "struggling" with Portree .. ?

ALSO I do NEED to knit more fingerless gloves and this will be a good way to use up my stash of 4ply wool and perhaps I could find a simpler pattern?

Arielle is also temporarily on hold.  This is another reason for starting my "winter" jumper knit NOW - before I actually NEED it -  "needed" Arielle "now" in this summer! but knitting it IN the summer is no good, particularly on teeny needles - I'm still loving the pattern and enjoying the knitting and will carry on but in the meantime I'm resolving to complete the Kate shawl and this new jumper.

This week we get our no.2.son's GCSE results and we hope to be able to celebrate his achievements along with his brother's A levels on Friday with a lovely family meal out to celebrate the occasions of my 50th and my 2nd brother's birthday, remembering, also, our late Mother who would have been joining in with her 70th birthday - THAT will nicely wrap up and complete the "summer" for us!
from SEPTEMBER it is time to take stock and start planning & making CHANGES!
(I say this every year, its sort of taken over from "new years resolutions" and yes, just as unsuccessful!! but I remain positive that ONE DAY I will find the answer and discover HOW to create more hours in the day to be used productively and creatively while maintaining my ENERGY!).

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