Monday, 15 August 2011

"come knit with us" the Heart Rhythm Charity, launches a knit Event 10th Sept

FINALLY I can announce with some enthusiasm and pleasure the launch of a new knitting for charity venture that Fiona from the Heart Rhythm Charity, Arrhythmia Alliance is hosting at John Lewis store, Solihull on Saturday 10th Sept, 9am-11am at The Place to Eat, with Rowan yarn - a ticket event/£3 with all knitting on the day to help support and raise funds and awareness for this worthwhile Charity.

Unforunately I can't work out how to attach the flyer that promotes details of this event but if you contact Fiona either through Ravelry or by email I'm sure she'll kindly send it out to you electronically or in the post if you prefer.

I've posted on Ravelry for SK readers who might have unwanted free-gifts in need of a good home to support this new venture by donating small knitty/haby notions and would be pleased if knitters could knit and donate some felted heart corsages from the super pattern that the lovely Ben has designed on behalf of the Charity for its exclusive use.
Please contact myself or Fiona for the pattern ahead of it being added to the Ravelry pattern database OR wait until it is available to download for free.

For some weeks now I have got behind this venture putting together quite a lot of information and introducing people and helping to form contacts and do hope that the venture takes off and is successful, a newsletter will be published and, again, if you would like to be included please contact Fiona for details.  Don't forget to remind her from whom/where you learned of this.  I am trying very hard to get a good Ravelry presence as I feel that this is the perfect and indeed only! place that brings together such a terrific bunch of knitting, knitters and resources in one completely brilliant forum and format.  If you are a Ravelry member already, kindly "friend" Fiona as she is hoping if it creates sufficient interest a Heart Rhythm Charity "group" will be created on Ravelry to provide one single place for all interested parties to share information and join in with future fund raising ventures.  And! if you are not! yet? then WHY not! hop over and JOIN! its FREE! its FUN! and its THE place for knitters!!

Ok, the pattern is in the final stages of being "poshed" up to a fab PDF format and will be available very soon - in the meantime here are some photographs I took to help illustrate the various stages of the knitting, felting and finishing of this super Felted Heart Corsage pattern:

knit till central 3stitches

repeat until 3st remain
"roughly square shape" pick up stitches over top two sides
distribute sts evenly with central one at top corner
work the first "bump"  before repeating to create second "bump"
work both "bumps" then cast off (or draw up using yarn threaded)
I chose to thread yarn and "gather" each "bump" for ease of shaping
stitch to secure the bump into a rounded shape
then continue to stitch down rolling indented part inwards slightly
completed knitted sewn heart
"felt" the heart in washing machine to produce solid fabric
embellish to taste
sew a brooch bar at back to finish
create several using oddments of "wool"
have FUN with beads, ribbons and threads!
 And then, of course, send them to Fiona! happy knitting xx


Jan said...

The pics make the written instructions much easier to understand Sue...especially for such a dumb bunny as me when it comes to knitting!! LOL Hope the venture goes well!! Thanks again, Jan xxx

quiltingseagull said...

Love the heart pin Hope the day is successfull !

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Jan, I thought the pics might help as I feel there wasn't quite enough info in the pattern to assist knitters not as experienced or confident, but then again I might be fussing! ha!
Thanks Cheryl, I'll definitely do an update on how the day goes!
Sue xx