Monday, 15 August 2011

hurrah! I was FIFTY - bring on the fizz'n'gin and cake!

Thats it. I'm saying it ONCE and then I wants it forgotten: I am now 50.  My birthday was last Friday and I must thank all my lovely friends for their kind wishes and super cards and messages to enjoy my day which I did! with rather too much of the fizz'n'gin I suspect, but if you can't enjoy a night out ON your 50th birthday well when can you!
In the end I had a lively week starting on the Mon when a routine trip to the GP to pin him to his own back wall to sort out some "problem" or other got rather taken over by my racing pulse and inside of 5mins HE had ME pinned to his couch with 3x ambulance crew strapping me into a chair and wheeling me to the Hospital - bah!
In the end it turned out to be a rather restful if tedious long day - fortunately I'd taken along a set of DPN's and a ball of felted tweed and managed to knit several little hearts AND spread the word about knitting and charity too, to some of the staff.  (slight dodgy moment when Security Guard wandered over to check the "needles" were not about to be used as weapons - silly man! did he think I'd snap a lovely DPN in a Dr's arm! .. hmm .. now there's a thought .. )
Anyway, you'll be pleased to hear I didn't in fact have a "heart attack" and after several hours in A&E I was wheeled into the dreaded CDU where I promptly set about texting my brother to come and RESCUE ME (we have had unfortunate experience of this dreadful department recently!) and the Consultant here promptly grabbed at my wrist, pronounced me NOT having a heart attack (which is just as well considering this was NEWS to me! I thought I was just "fast"!) and SHOUTED at me that my Cardio-Cons was going to be VERY CROSS with me for coming IN! grrr.
I take issue with this.
Seriously? this is the way to treat a patient - a patient sent IN by their GP? with symptoms and a very fast HR? that they are going to be "ticked off" by their Dr in the future? hmmm.  wouldn't that put a more vulnerable or sensitive inclined patient OFF from attending said appointment?
well. I never liked the "wait till your DAD gets home!" attitude toward frightening small children over misbehaviour and think its even LESS appropriate to use on a patient approaching 50yrs!?

Enough said.  suffice it to say that I spent the following three days in and out of Afib and wiped out with lack of energy, made worse by a prior commitment for shopping (nightmare! breathless! dizzy!) and a family afternoon trip to the Cinema to watch the last Harry Potter film! which was good! we enjoyed this one!  Having watched all but one as a family since the start, and with both sons having read the books over and over its sad to see the series of films come to an end but all agreed it was a good "ending" to the series - the film is worth going to watch!
My no.2.son and I are both re-reading the HP books again, I'm 3/4 way through the 2nd, he is half way through the 5th .. would I read them if I didn't have children? probably not! but still worth a read and we've passed on a copy to a pal who has a fancy to see what its all about - I hope she enjoys them!

SO. my birthday.
Because of how things have been recently, we didn't get chance to book a table for a meal and instead we spent the evening in the pub! drinking rather a lot of GIN .. instead we are going out as a family on Fri 26th August to a really nice pub as recommended by pals who have eaten there as joint celebration of my birthday and to remember my LateMother who would had she been alive, have been enjoying her 70th birthday; instead as most of my friends already know, she died on her 62nd birthday and has been much missed ever since BUT after 8yrs I feel it would be nice to do something on this day to both remember "her" and celebrate "our" joint occasions as a family.
Which basically means twice the opportunity for a good old night out!
Happy Birthday to me! xxx

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