Monday, 22 August 2011

Making Monday

For some time I have been following the Making Monday as set by Natalie and listed here and kept trying to join in!  but wouldn't you know it! every Monday SOMETHING happened!  I really thought the previous Monday I was on to a winner when I'd started "making" something but "popped out" to the GP for a routine appt, and ended up in A&E for the entire DAY!! bah!  although I had taken my wool and dpns with me and WAS able to knit several hearts I wasn't able on the DAY to take the step by step pics and thus announce it AS my "made it on monday" entry! bah.

SO. today I am going to:

MAKE from scratch a quiche lorraine for tonight's evening meal and will try and edit this to add the pic IF I a/ can and b/ remember!

To be honest, I usually "make" stuff on most days, and actually "monday" is the day I normally reserve for other more domestic stuff and since redecorating the lounge "monday" has become the day I spend cleaning it and turning the cushions on the new sofas! BUT with this in mind (and that today is dh's last days "holiday") I did the housework YESTERDAY!  DOUBLE bonus - I managed to persuade dh that it was in HIS best interests that HE clean the bathroom as well! (to save me a job! cough) luckily he bought it and obviously didn't have his full wits about him to SEE through my frankly dodgy theory that IF he did the bathroom it would be doing HIM a favour as it would release "today" as a "free day" - this is ONE advantage of his getting up at 4am to take no.1.son to work - his brain doesn't work properly due to lack of sleep!! ;-)

This does give me the whole day to make the pastry, rest it and blind bake before putting together the quiche and I might well look and see if there are any other "pastries" I can make alongside - I sort of fancy eccles cake?  Today I will be in the KITCHEN ..


Valeri said...

I love quiche! Haven't had eccles cakes in decades. Used to make them at school. Hope everything turned out well!

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Val, it did although the quiche always ends up with a bit of the pastry "falling" from the sides and collapsing at the blind-baking stage but I expect thats more my cooking skills than the receipe or the oven!!
LOVE eccles cakes!
will include the receipe!
Sue xx