Sunday, 7 August 2011

NOT the Natural Dye Studio trunk show BUT the JLewis event

In the end I didn't go to the Natural Dye Studio trunk show held here, but here is a lovely blog post from someone who did!
Just as well! I think my dh would disown and divorce me AND I'd end up bankrupt - it all looks SCRUMMY don't you think?

I had promised beforehand to make an effort to attend the monthly knit'n'chat group at John Lewis and this month the lovely Rowan DC, Ben, was "leaving" AND at the same time launching the "new" winter collection of books and yarns for Rowan; additionally a new mystery shawl KAL was being introduced as a new project for JL knitters and I had expressed some interest in this.

Firstly, I do like Rowan and would support them and think they've done a good job with updating their website and making an effort to "improve" things for its Members (unlike SOME "groups" which refuse it seems to acknowledge that ITS Members wish for flexibility in bringing about "change" and (mis)use its mod-status to prevent a full and open transparent discussion from ALL interested members and will, I'm sure, come to lose if not the complete commitment and enthusiasm, then at least a part of it from quite a lot of members who are still rumbling and grumbling albiet off list!)
BUT. seriously! Rowan! ought to have made sure their website is updated to reflect the NEW winter yarns and books? maybe its me? perhaps I'm not that brilliant with the googley eyes, but I still can't find anything fresher than their "summer 2011" yarns. 
Anyway, have to report slightly underwhelmed by the new yarns although test knitting some and looking at others knitted up perhaps they will grow on me?  well, you can see some of it here.

In the end I didn't buy yarn for the mystery shawl, mostly because I'd had about my limit of yummy excitement by the end of the knit'n'chat AND because my knit-pal-sally had inspired me to knit THIS.
I wish that I had REMEMBERED that I had my camera with me!  I wish I'd taken a photograph of it! (actually I wish I had snatched it and RUN OFF with it! but a/ I'd have to shrink some 4sizes to FIT into Sally's petite knit and b/ I'd have to move house. leave home. change my name. and that would involve all sorts of things like blog and Rav and FB accounts.  bah.) in the end I was torn between SHOVING my knit-pal over the rail in excitment AND bundling her home with ME to live in my SEWING ROOM.  as personal knit-tutor and personal stylist.
Every so often I get this complete URGE to knit with "colour".  and I'm rubbish at colour.  always have been, it was one of my "aims" that I set out when attending the creative textiles group to learn to use "colour".  (actually I had so MANY "aims" that I think I may have been the only student to have filled the gap in the form AND the "use this page for additional information .." AND written in teeny tiny writing in order to fit it all in ..)
(note to self: WHY can't I be like OTHER - normal - people and just write in "to learn the concept of working with colour to enhance and broaden my horizon beyond the grey/navy/black - sigh .. apart from PINK.  which in all likelihood doesn't perhaps suit me? and as I approach 50 - next week - GULP - perhaps not my age? bah).

Anyway. there's the other thing about me.
I'm in reflective mood. and in a mood to CHANGE.  FOR change.  I'm pleased to see that some changes are in place - particularly of interest are those underway at Ravelry - shall watch with interest and might well sign for their $5/yr "extra features".  (unless it involves iphones. I don't have one. or an ipad. either and come to think of it, I don't want to use my TV to access the internet either.  I'm happy with using my TV to watch television, my PHONE to make calls and my PC to surf the 'web.).

BUT change I must. If I want to get the best out of MYSELF and from OTHERS.
I visited the GP last week.
And firmly insisted that I DID in fact WANT and intend to go through my "list" with him.  why else, then? would I have booked a double appointment?
The thing with my GP is that we have a love/hate relationship. well. a hate one. and not even a "relationship" really.  just "hate" I think. It didn't take me LONG to work this out and even HE admitted we'd never really got over getting off on the wrong foot and sounded to me slightly desperate as he "suggested" I might care to go "elsewhere?" ..
I thought I was being "helpful" I thought I was being "organised" I thought I doing us BOTH a favour. by writing out my problems and cross referencing them and assigning them to a "side effect" or a "condition".  I'd practically created a data-base of useless information and all he did was gulp a bit, sigh and rub his head as he squeaked "errmmmm. THATS a list and a half .. could we just do 1 or 2 items .. ?".
no. we ruddy well CAN'T. I said. they ALL tie IN. AND I've waited 2.5weeks to see you AND I've given you a "rest" since I've not come to see you the whole of THIS year so you can blooming well stop whinging and start FIXING STUFF ..
It isn't actually worth trying to nail a Dr to their own wall. they don't like it.  unless - you happen to imply that one MIGHT be about to either drop dead from something they've missed OR put in a COMPLAINT. in writing. officially.  which I'm gathering is what they don't want.  (well. obviously they don't want the drop dead thing).
My "problem" I'm told - by the Neuro-Cons, is that I talk too much.  And I ask too many (complicated) questions.  For most Doctors.  and in my case for ALL MY Doctors.  In particular, he adds, I am disadvantaged in that the main Cons, the Cardio is well known for preferring HIS patients to not ask questions and preferably not to talk.  HIS idea of a "conversation" goes along like this:
me to Cardio "hello ..
Cardio to me "right. well. carry on as you are .. see you in 6months .."
me to Cardio "thank you .. goodbye .."
what ACTUALLY happens is that we wrestle each other over whether I'm allowed to approach the seated area of his cons. room!  THEN we tug at my coat as I attempt to get OUT of it and HE shoves me BACK in before it gets off me and onto the back of the chair!
On one occasion I nearly fainted and came over all funny fearing I was having one of my "funny moments" trapped as I found myself back to front inside my OWN coat being buttoned up DOWN my back BY the Cardio as he twizzled me round and shoved me toward the door .. I had thought he was being helpful. HELPING me out of my coat. but he wasn't. he was shoving my arm IN as I got the other OUT and we ended up breathing heavily at each other and glaring a lot ..
My Cardio, I'm told by the Neuro prefers his patients QUIET.  and preferably fully and completely ASLEEP. flat out. on a table. fully sedated. which is a disadvantage for both of us. since I like to TALK. and ask QUESTIONS.
I won't bore you with the detail, suffice to say I got through half a page with the GP before he squeaked a bit and distracted me by taking my BP and checking my pulse and then suggesting he get a grip of the horrid blancmange middle to see IF indeed I did have an irritible bowel. I have NO idea if I do have an irritible bowel or not. I strongly suspect that I don't. but I went along with it. I didn't have any choice, really, which is the thing about Dr's in the end they DO what they want regardless ..

SO my list of things to do and stuff I want to make is now becoming unmanageable. and like my attempt to get organised with the Doctors, I'm failing too to "manage" both MYSELF and my CRAFT INTERESTS. Its time for a change.
As we head toward Autumn and a change is in the air already as our children embark new paths in that difficult transition period of growing into "young adults" I think the TIME is now a time for ME.
I will post again my "plan" (after I've written it! - amended! adjusted! rewritten it! some things never change! sigh) and try to make the best of whats left of this year!

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