Sunday, 7 August 2011

My new PROJECT from Rowan 50

Inspired as I was by the gorgeous version knit by my knit-pal-Sally who had brought along her lovely jumper to show off one of the newest pattern books by Rowan for the winter I couldn't help but YELP a bit!  for a start I think its amazing that anyone can get a new book, decide on THE perfect pattern, tweak the colours and KNIT the garment ahead of the launch! but then, she is as well as a lifelong prolific and EXPERT knitter, but additionally she has that knack of both putting together "colour" AND spotting a trend.  Unlike me. I get excited over shades of GREY. and still looking at patterns queued from 7yrs ago .. bah!
Happily I'm not alone. I talked for some minutes with a fellow knitter as we pondered the merits over a "light" "medium" and "dark" shade of grey before HAPPILY I was distracted by shades of TEAL!

Tender - rowan mag 50
now THIS is a colour I am confident suits me!  And my pal agreed! and promptly set about helping me pick the colours to co-ordinate in order for me to knit my own "Tender" which is going to be my treat of the season.  Not exactly a "new yarn" but a new pattern AND a new venture into colour!!
Of course I was worried about "copying" my friend's own knit, but then as I've said before its somehow "different" to be caught wearing a duplicate of someone's knitted project! its not the same as wearing something RTW is it?
and with handknitting there is always the opportunity to change something as per my experience with the waistcoat I wore when out at a quilt event and a lady shrieked from 3 aisles down "hey! is that PETERSBERG!??" and pointed to her OWN version!  Only a fellow craftsperson will understand the excitement at having your project "identified" and duplicated!? lol!!  Anything else and you'd be dashing to the loo crying as you rip sleeves and turn it inside out and hitch up the hem to hide the fact that someone ELSE is wearing the SAME DRESS!
My friend announced that she would NOT "mind" my copying her and indeed set about switching colours and creating for me the perfect combination as seen in the photo above!
I'm looking forward to casting on for this, but first I have to finish a few things!

My shawl is about 50% done I'm reaching the point at which I shall "stop" and repeat the 2nd side.
My top is set aside temporarily but still very much on the go and about 45% complete.
My teddie is on hold - my son appears to have forgotten so I'm leaving this until I'm more "clear"
and the socks are not going to be CO until I've finished test knitting something "new" that is being promoted to help raise funds for Charity.

I do need to decide within the next fortnight whether to take up the JL mystery shawl KAL or not.


Kim B said...

Love those yarn colors. So pretty!

SewIknit2 said...

thanks Kim, I agree too and am glad I went away from my "usual" pink!
Sue x