Monday, 29 August 2011

Knitting Progress : Tender Rowan Mag.50

Progress has been made and I'm very pleased with it so far - its a lovely and quick knit and the pretty bobbles at the top are delightful and make it just that bit more interesting (to knit) don't you think?

Finished, the back and started - the front!

close up of the bobble effect
I'm loving the colours and feeling inspired to do more knitting in colour!

I'm joining in with this KAL to knit these gloves starting (I think!/hope?) 1st October!  (also, I'm hoping I read right that this IS the winner! either way I've downloaded the pattern and will knit them anyway!)
My Sissal gloves are ripped back - I've decided that life is too short to struggle with complications I can't manage at the moment although the alterations to the pattern are very minor its more to do with how I'm finding it hard to "manage" remembering stuff and I can do without the stress at the moment.

Enjoying a catch up on knitting magazines this weekend - for some reason I occasionally end up with issues I've not read the minute they drop through the letterbox and then there is a rush to read before the NEXT one is due! I've a sneaky feeling another one or other is about due so best crack on, then!

One of my lovely little teddies was featured in this month's "knit" magazine readers gallery - I'd forgotten that Adrian had contacted me to see if I could send him a pic and when I opened the page and saw it the first thing I thought was : oh! look! I knitted one just like that! and then read that I did! bah! it WAS mine! duh .. silly moment ..  else where in print I found that one of my excerts from a bit on the charity knit event was picked out and included on the page for knitting as therapy too! weird "finding" yourself like that! (if I can find it again I'll link it!! but thats one topic am trying to address on my fave sewing forum - HOW to manage myself electronically! and sort myself out I mean sort my patterns and files! so far all I've done is sign up for and join in with squillions of stuff and hardly any of it is organised never mind sorted!).

Typical Bank Holiday Monday - the weather is grim and rather dismal - I've run out of space to put the washing in the house to hang about while drying which it doesn't! in this sort of inbetween not quite ready for central heating to go ON but not warm enough to dry anything.  The cats are miserable and to show their displeasure in the change of weather have each taken to deliberately walking IN the muddy patch and asking to come in and walking across the new carpet with their muddy paws .. dh thinks we ought to leave them outside until their feet are dry.  all that happens THEN is they jump up with their muddy paws and now our patio is full of paw prints .. and they STILL are muddy when we do give in and let them in only NOW are double cross on account of being kept out longer than necessary and walk MORE across the carpet to show their displeasure and squeaking at us to reinforce the message! you cannot win with cats!
this afternoon I plan to knit some more! and finish my magazines and because its "making monday" I shall make shepherds pie for dinner AND look through my book again to see if I can find something different to bake for pudding - like last week, if I do I'll edit the post and fling a pic up!

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