Thursday, 25 August 2011

More good results! and some knitting on the go and in the planning!

FIRST of all! so PLEASED that along with bragging unashamedly about no.1.son's A level results last week, I can do the same for no.2.son and his GCSE results from this morning!
They both work hard and we appreciate that we have the sort of son's that have taken to "school" and exams etc it makes OUR life much easier given the competition for places in FE these days that both our lads now have the "pick" of their choices!
No.2.son achieved 3xA's, 2xA* and 5xB's and easily meets the requirements at his first preference of college - tomorrow when we all meet as a family to generally celebrate both the occasion of my 50th, remember my late-mother AND our lads' results and enjoy their successes it will be a very happy time for us all as a family!

Knitting is coming along nicely! the newest OTN's are baby socks! in left over "Harry Potter" sock yarn from Opal - two pairs for the newest baby that I'm knitting for ..

2nd pair of baby socks

first pair of baby socks
As well as socks, I'm planning to knit another cardi from the Sirdar book which has proved to be a good buy as I've knit 4 items so far and well worth the money and this will go OTN's tonight (while no.1.son and I watch the live final of "show me the funny") (slight argument with no.2.son and dh who wanted to watch the NUFC match earlier this evening but I managed to win on account of basically you don't want to cross me!! lol!! they will watch the first half and then tape the 2nd, watch it after we've watched our programme .. I would point out that this is a "regular" game and not a special or important one, had it been so I would have agreed to their watching it, but frankly EVERYtime the tv is turned on there is some sort of football and/or cricket, golf ON and it gets a bit boring after a while .. zzzz).

I bought the yarn here - "playful pink" and the buttons too as always excellent value and terrific fast service it arrived yesterday after ordering it late on Monday afternoon.  I think the shade is nice - I wanted to knit "pink" but not the usual sugary "baby pink" and was pleased to see this was one of the discounted colourways, even with the postage costs added, it was way cheaper than buying from shop! I ordered 3 balls as plan to knit a "mini teddie" too - naturally I will be sewing one of Jan's famous "nursery bags" and filling it with usual baby toiletries - fabric still to be purchased but likely from here.
Further on the knitting/charity front: the lovely pattern that will be available to download soon - is looking LOVELY! I'm proud that my photo's have been included and can't wait to see the variations knit from it over the coming months - next month sees the "Event" launch both the pattern and the initiative and I'm hopeful that it will be a success!!

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