Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sissal Gloves - LoveWoolUK

OTN's as of yesterday: the super pattern for Sissal Gloves designed by Jamison & Smith for Love-Wool-UK which you can download for free upon registering.
I like the look of this pattern and it suits my stash of the lovely (but now discontinued) Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 ply that I bought at half price plus a markdown a couple or three years ago and SLOWLY I've been knitting gloves and mitts in assorted colourways - THIS should clear a few of them!!

Luckily for ME the colours in the pattern are handily similar to those in my stash! I did try and "do a sally" and make my own colour scheme up, but it looked rather like something the cat had icked up with sludge brown shades of grey x3 and a sort of orange that isn't .. bah ..

Anyway, its now OTN and I'm knitting them one at a time due to a/ not being bothered to sort my 100cm cable and a bit of not being bothered to wind the wool into separate batches oh and also not being completely sure I could manage to knit fairisle in the round 2AAT and do a "left" and "right" glove ..

Looking forward to knitting these, I'm already thinking ahead and pondering whether I could make "fingers" and thus knit them into gloves - what do you think?
Using my lovely knitpro needle which I have to say I'm loving albeit I still think the lace addi turbos are the best for smooth joins and ease of sliding through sticky wool - I'm knitting with the best of both needles, knitting as I am WITH both sets of needles - my kate shawl is now chomping on yarn and 2nd side is shaping nicely!
Decided not to do the mystery shawl KAL in the end for the JL store (but thats not to say I wont in the future, just for now I have too much OTN's to be starting anything "new" and next to go will be the lovely jumper from 50!)

dh and no.1.son and I are currently rewatching the series 24 from scratch so there is a lot of knitting going on as we're watching 2 episodes at a time!  Doesn't "Jack" look fit! I mean YOUNG! in series 1!? lol!!
On Sat no.2.son and I are looking forward to the X-factor starting - again! (so SOON? where does the time go! - it IS Xfactor starting?? lol!!)
We like the autumn tv best, and are currently struggling a bit with Torchwood but enjoying The Killing and looking forward to one or two other old favourites coming back - Spooks!

The summer is a slow time for me and this is quite productive as normally I get caught up in family activities but for some reason I've managed to knit right through the summer, but I do find that I knit rather less while the summer holidays/lads home in our family.

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