Friday, 26 August 2011

In memory of my late Mother

My Mother and my Son
Today is the 8th anniversary of my Late Mother who died on her 62nd birthday and would, had she lived, have been coming out with us tonight to jointly celebrate her 70th birthday along with my 50 of a fortnight ago.  Tonight we are going out as a family to both remember her, and celebrate other recent birthdays in our family during July and August enjoying, too, our son's achievements with their exams this last week for a meal to mark the occasion.
I chose this photo because it was taken during a family party to celebrate my son's birthday and was the last time that we all enjoyed a family party unknown to us she was already in her final few weeks with her cancer having spread to her liver.  She chose to keep this news from us so as not to spoil the birthday celebrations and its not hard to see how she managed to fool us - she doesn't look in the least poorly!?  We learned the sad truth two days later, and she died some 3 short weeks later on her own birthday and has been missed ever since ..
Our gathering later on is not going to be a sad occasion! rather I chose to arrange it on this day but we will be looking forward to happy and bright futures for our sons and its them that we shall celebrate.

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