Sunday, 31 May 2009

First BBQ of the summer!

Good old no.2.son! doing a fab job minding the BBQ (just watch the smoke, love! don't set fire to the house!)

I'll umm, just relax with a G+T and umm dish out the orders from this lounger ..

The men. Gathering by the BBQ testing it out for temperature - I left them to get on with it, it all turned out ok in the end! came round on his bike for an impromptu afternoon in the garden but was unble to as he had a friend round for a weekend of gaming, beer & blu-ray!

Weather has been glorious this last week which has been great for us as its been half term and the lads were both home. School commences tomorrow - back to *normal*!

Lots of knitting activity this week! Cardi in DB pure silk is coming along brilliantly, am already starting to see me wearing this! Sock on ML has hit a slight problem and I have to frog a bit and HOPE can pick up the stitches - I mean pattern! gulp! (A couple of nights sleep to think about this and I feel confident of having a go tomorrow after the family are out of the house!).

Having lost around 8" off my hips I've decided to have another bash at some dressmaking! However I have around 4 summer weight bias skirts that I'm hoping I can adjust satisfactorily at the waist (elasticated) to fit well enough to see me through the present sunny hot spell and I spent two days unpicking seamed, zigzagged AND overlocked elastic x 4 times! grrr!
Hope to get these done best part of next week.


marysews said...

Oh my gosh, you DO look thinner! I have some catching up to do ... grr

Valeri said...

Wow! You have done well with the weight loss. 8"! I'm green! But pleased for you!

Jan said...

That's wonderful Sue!!! 8inches!! You must be pleased with that and the BBQ looks great!!! You look VERY relaxed with that G&T I must say! ggggg

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks for kind comments, everyone! sadly the weather this weekend is terible! fair chucking it down! still, on the bright side: no excuses for me NOT to get crafting!
Sue xx