Wednesday, 6 May 2009

no.2.sock is OTN's at last!

I had almost forgotten about this pattern! such was my excitement at knitting the two socks on 2x circs (still on the go! another hospital appt this week ought to see the foot finished, and another appt next week out to see my toes shaped!)
Cast on over the bank holiday weekend and am loving this very easy to knit pattern!
Ann Budd - Seduction Sock - free from Knitting Daily ages ago!!

My shoulder is behaving itself and I'm taking advantage by knitting like mad while I still have the effects of the recent injection as I don't know how long it will last!!

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Jan said...

You'll be sick of my comments Sue!! lol When you say 2 sets of circulars is that so you knit both socks on each set at the same time? Probably a very obvious thing but not to me the illiterate knitter! lol Love that pretty blue colour too!