Monday, 11 May 2009

Weekend trip to London

We had an overnight stay in London hotel, The Hilton Metropole, this weekend as part of another of works' trip organised by the social club within the place dh works. These trips always offer terrific value for money and are generally popular and this one was no exception. A full coach load of us travelled down early Sat arriving around 11am and leaving Sun around 4.30pm.

We didn't actually go on the London Eye although we nearly chose it as part of the package with a trip to Madam Tussaud's museum as we thought one event each day would be quite enough to fit in and we decided to try and fit in with no.2.son's preferences on this occasion for various reasons. We did have a lovely walk that way and all agreed we'd do it next time! On Saturday evening we found a nice restaurant this way and enjoyed a meal.

On Sunday we went to The Dungeons! very scary! dh was slightly worried after he inadvertently let out an "oh! dear! (gulp)" which was picked up by one of the presenters - a rather fierce looking woman and no.1.son was put in the dock and found guilty of "being from Birmingham!!" and sentenced to a horrid end!

The weather was great on both days and we enjoyed a walk around one of the many fabulous parks before going into the museum.

Couldn't resist, of course, a pic with Robert Plant ! - sigh -

We enjoyed both actitivies and managed to find a couple of pubs to relax and enjoy a few G+T's too!


Jan said...

What beautiful flowers Sue...must be wonderful for you in Spring with all the bulbs coming out. We don't get that here :( So glad you had such a lovely time!

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Jan, the parks were great although we only really used it as somewhere to eat lunch to be honest!!
I'd be slightly nervous of peering into your flowers incase of finding weird spidies and nasty things with no legs! gulp!! am hoping you and Pauline will ensure everywhere is clear!
Sue xx