Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Another (miserable) Bank Holiday

I suppose we're lucky (?) that our lads at rising-14yrs and 16yrs will still come out with us for the day! (without too much of a fuss, I mean! although no.2.son can be a bit picky, they generally like tramping about the mud and hills and we had planned to walk over the Malvern Hills, but as the weather wasn't brilliant we decided to stay home and pop out after lunch to the Lickey Hills which is considerably more local!

Bluebells in the little wooded area, we had to stick to the main bridlepaths as it was considerably wet and muddy and I didn't fancy the job of cleaning trainers!
no.1.son sprinted all the way to the top of this steep hill (below) (you might be able to make out a tiny speck of a person?) and then ran all the way back down at frightening speed! oh to be young and fit again!

When I was the lads' age I used to ride all over the Lickeys with my step sister, Ruth, and my Late Mother it was one of our favourite rides and very popular at the time with the other people we used to regularly meet up with while out riding. You don't see anyone out now on ponies/horses these days, and its changed quite a bit over the years.
My no.2.stepfather, Graham, arranged for a tree to be planted in one of the woods for my Late Mother and we also scattered her ashes here too.

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Jan said...

I'm thinking that your Bank Holiday is what we call the May Day weekend or more recently Labor Day weekend? Looks lovely though and those bluebells AND the forest are so pretty. So different to what we're used to. I still can't believe how much the boys have grown...time just slips us by doesn't it?