Saturday, 6 June 2009

Dismal Weekend (weather)

well! what a difference! the weather today is totally different to last couple of weekends, we're back to grey skies and copious amounts of rain! the sort that gets you wet and doesn't look like stopping! The cats are fed up - they hate the rain and want me to change it back to sunshine! if only I could! I would! sigh!
Still. on the bright side: I managed to pick up a super bargain midweek! I received in the post a gift voucher for £10 redeemable for House of Fraser and hurrah! LOOK what I found in their sale? A bag of ten balls of Rowan Kidsilk Spray for just £20 - how could I resist? yahooo! I picked up ten balls of yummy yarn for just a tenner to me! hurrah! AND whats more! I have the perfect patterns to choose from for knitting it!

On the knitting front, my cardigan is coming along nicely, I'm 1/3rd way through sleeve 1, on the magic loop sock I'm trying to calm myself down and relax into knitting the gusset decrease/pattern commencement and TRUST that it WILL work - still not quite convinced, but working on that currently in peace and quiet!
Sock on DPN's is progressing slowly but steadily and I've had to cast on an emergency plain sock on my second extra long circular needle for appointments I had last week and forthcoming weeks where I need something to knit that isn't going to make me stressed if someone approaches to ask what am I doing!? (or lose my place when they call my name!)

Had an interesting conversation with someone I was seeking advice from last week; when he collected me I bundled my knitting into bag as we walked to his room and he sat and stared at me for 1 or 2 mins before narrowing his eyes and asking from WHERE did he know me!? I was sort of hoping he didn't know me! and couldn't think from where or how he might have known me, I certainly couldn't recall him - but it turns out his wife is a knitter and we concluded he must have spoken with me in store. This happens a lot. I think I probably have the sort of face that looks like one might "know me". I got caught - again! in the supermarket by a lady in the bread aisle who said "excuse me. DO I know you? .." It can take a while before we establish if we DO know each other : have you got teen children? (we might know each other from the playground? this happens a lot especially now that we no longer meet on the playground to collect our children) the library? (I'm always in there!) WeightWatchers? (I used to be a regular!) how about tennis club? (dh plays/treasurer etc locally) the Doctors! or hospital? (I seem to be a regular and always up there these days and have struck up a conversational friendship with a neighbour who also apparently frequents the surgery as often as me these days! in fact only yesterday she nearly knocked me down after she spotted me walking down my road as she drove up and veered onto the pavement, and called out to me! - I, thinking she was a nutter, had sidestepped out of the cars oncoming path and put a step on it and it was only after she caught up with me and tapped my shoulder that I realised WHO she was! of course we had to walk back to where she'd abandoned her car and I was quite grateful after 15mins of catchup on latest round of unsuccessful appointments and disappointing results that one of my neighbours decided he needed to go somewhere and would my "friend" mind moving her car!). Anyway, we discovered that we did in fact know each other! through a combination of our children and the local tennis club after my dh popped up from the grocery section looking for me! and recognised this lady! apparently several years ago we were in the red group and sat outside from 5.15-6.30 together! phew!

Anyway, after we had this interesting conversation about our knitting, I concluded that perhaps it was a good icebreaker to have that sort of face! (except now, of course, I'm trying to place his wife!)

Our no.1.son has almost finished his GCSE exams and we've got his Prom to look forward to in a couple of weeks time - he has a suit and we just have to hope he doesn't grow anymore!

Sewing wise I've managed to cut the elastic from some summer skirts I'd made last year in order to make them smaller on the waist and yesterday I did a sterling job of reorganising and cleaning my sewing room and hope to switch the machine on this weekend! In doing this I "found" an old quilty project that I had got part way through before losing momentum and interest in a large craft bag and I decided upon retrospect that in fact it IS quite an interesting project and well worth finishing! I hope to be able to get cracking on that next week too!

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Valeri said...

I wish we were having lots of rain. Just little spattery showers. Don't even need an umbrella! Will look forward to reading-seeing more about the quilty project!