Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The socks are finished!

Hurrah! the socks are FINISHED! After a particularly lengthy Hospital appointment yesterday I finished shaping the toes and then did kitchener stitch when I got home. Just a short pair, and a simple "plain" pair of socks more to trial the technique of knitting 2socks x 2circular needles, I had already knitted a pair of Monkeys in this yarn and intended using the leftover to knit a sample sock but enjoyed it so much decided to buy another ball of yarn and knit a pair! If you remember, which I don't suppose you do! I had tried and failed to learn this technique and originally knitted just one sock before pulling myself together, gritting my teeth and just GETTING ON with it! I ended up frogging the first sock and recasting on a pair.

I'm glad I did! I'm inspired now to knit a patterned pair next time!
Maybe! even! try magic loop!?

Tempted by the Salzburg Twisted Stitch sock pattern on page 62 in the July edition of Yarn Forward .. sigh .. but also tempted, still, to knit from my latest Sock Innovation book too - so many patterns! so much yarn! I need to get a grip!

Enjoyed reading this months Yarn Forward which was my treat for the appointment earlier, I was tempted to buy some Rowan Calmer reduced to half price to cast on for Morning Echo, page 24, too - but! I resisted! phew! (memories of recent stash tidying)

Slipped in to House of Fraser and stayed for the Knit'n'Chat session for an hour's knitting and showed off my socks! admired the fair isle scarf, yummy cardi and interesting cushion being knitted by some of the other ladies and we talked mostly about health and ailments and nightmare hospital experiences! My own, on this occasion, was quite fruitful! I am to have my gall bladder removed! at last! someone has made a decision! (admitedly it was the surgeon, and that is his job! and perhaps he needed have looked quite as though rubbing hands at prospect OF another job .. but still, at least, it was a decision!).


Valeri said...

I'm sure you'll feel immeasurably better once you've got rid of the gall bladder. Several of my friends have had it done and they are like new people! All the best!

SewIknit2 said...

Thanks Val! I feel better now that at least the Dr's have made a decision! I was about ready to give up on the whole painful and tedious process OF the Dr's/Hospitals! This has been going on since Sept '08.
Sue xx