Friday, 22 May 2009

Always wanted one ..

I've always wanted one of these! but at full price I couldn't really (afford!) justify it as predominantly I'd want it for fusing interfacings! (although it is a whizz at pressing laundry too!) An opportunity came my way to purchase a nearly brand-new and hardly used one for £50!
I'm SEW excited I'm still pinching myself to believe my luck!

Absolutely loving the magic loop method of knitting my sock! Have got into the swing of it and find it dead easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy and I've checked! not even any gaps or ladders at the join from side to side! how whizz is that!?

Celebrated our 15th Wed.Ann. last night with a few G+T's in the pub - we'd both had less than satisfactory days "work" related and a timely reminder courtesy of my by way of a card was the final straw, I mean deciding point!
We don't generally celebrate, as such, mostly because we don't often remember! Of course we remember the sort of date but usually we can't agree on the ACTUAL date, when my Mother was alive she would send us a card on the day and we just relied on her for the prompt!
Anyway, not quite believing how could actually have remembered the month never mind the date, dh decided to once and for all dig out the paperwork and confirm the date which he duly did and promptly announced he needed a drink!
And if my maths is to be trusted, this will be our 23rd year of living together - in this same house too - which is a very scary thought! how did that time go? and where did it go to?


Valeri said...

I love my press and I'm sure you will also find that your's is indispensible! I'm confused about magic looping but that could be because I'm not a knitter!

SewIknit2 said...

Tried to give dh a lesson in using the press, but (luckily?) he thinks the iron is easier!
The ML is knitting using just a single circular needle.

Oz-tralien said...

And I thought you weren't doing that much sewing these days, having gone to the other side with all the knitting.
I've ordered circulars to try the toe up & magic loop socks while travelling in US- awaiting my arrival on monday at Barbs.