Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Hurrarh! I'm doing it! I'm magic-looping!

Well! these might not stay OTN for long! (they've been ON! they've been OFF! so many times I've had to untangle and rewind the wool into a sort of 2nd mini-ball!)
I started off with the 2xcircs but really at 100cm these are too long for comfort.
I knew this when I bought them.
But I still bought them.
And now I've got them, I ought to use them!
Decided to try knitting with ONE circular - Magic Loop! - hurrah! if I can crack this, its another new to me technique!
Finding it hard to get my head around it but after an hours reknitting this morning after ripping last night's efforts, I think I'm ready to go!
I've got 6" or so of k3,p3 so that ought to be easy enough to get me going?

OTN is Kai-Mei - 1x 2.5mm circular
YARN is Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn
COL is S164 LOT E
From Sock Innovation, Cookie A

Also progressing very nicely is my Debbie Bliss Vintage Style Cardigan - the left front is complete and will cast on for right front later today.
Sock.2 on DPN's are also progressing slowly, but nicely!
Still not decided on my next project, in two minds between a super looking cardi in this month's Simply Knitting OR super looking shawl in one of The Knitter magazines - yarn will be the KSH that was abandoned during the winter months and I'm hopeful now the light is better (and my shoulder is better able to knit with!) that it'll be easier!

Half Term next week! and a Bank Holiday this weekend, we've no plans but at least I've lots of knitting to keep me going.

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