Monday, 11 May 2009

Some crafty activity!

Sorry! it makes more sense to read my next post below this FIRST! why do I always forget the order when posting twice? duh!)
Well it was inevitable, really, that I'd find some crafty place to visit!
On Saturday around 5pm we headed out toward this shop! The family left me for 45mins to explore (I explored the shop! and they explored the surroundings and found us a pub to relax over my new book purchase with a large and welcome G+T in the still warm and sunny early evening).

Couldn't resist reading my new book! Though no.2.son was slightly puzzled by why anyone would want to buy a book on socks!

Dh didn't get it either and it took ages to prise the book back off them!

The meal was lovely, too! and I took rather a time to select from the menu

The purchases!
The book!

Sock yarn!

2 pairs of lace circular needles for a project I have in mind from this month's The Knitter (more, later!) a packet of lockable stitch markers and ..

2 pairs of 2.5mm circulars for my socks! I've transferred them to my current basic sock which is just an inch away from toe shaping. I couldn't get want I really wanted in the 2.5mm's and these at 100cm are a bit longer than I really need but they are miles better to knit with than the rather nasty and cheapie ones from the market at least.

Finally! on Sunday, a trip to John Lewis, Oxford Street, and I bought a ball of Noro sock yarn which I've wanted for ages and ages and isn't sold locally - by now the family were thoroughly fed of me a/ finding crafty places to visit b/ reading and fondling crafty purchases and c/ spending all our money on crafty purchases!

Super weekend! and now really looking forward to next weeks trip to Newcastle to see what craftiness I can get up to there while the family attempt to enjoy one of the last remaining fixtures for NUFC (before they are relegated!?)


Jan said...

Oh goodness!!!! That NORO yarn is just BEAUTIFUL!!! You lucky duck! I'm really hoping I'll find some interesting yarns in Melbourne when there as, with it being such a cold climate I'm sure they will have heaps! What a great time you had in London Sue! Will now read the next post to find out more. London...just the thought of it makes me jealous! :)

SewIknit2 said...

Can't wait to come over and see you for real - only 20monthsish isn't it? will have to explore yarn together!! Might cast on the Noro as I've finished my pair of plain socks now!
London was fun! the family enjoyed it too! (apart from the knitty shopping!)
Sue xx