Monday, 13 October 2008

yummy goodies!

LOOK! at what I've got! gifts! in the post! from my super knitty-cyber-pal off K&C, Shirley!
A pair of super knitty mags which I've already read most of and highlighted several things of interest to knit! (possibly)

And! cotton! blue/white from stash and white! for dishcloths! yay! I've enjoyed squidging these and plan to knit them up as another on the go project!
Thanks, Shirley!


Jules said...

Ooh I'm pea green with envy!;) Nice stash. Isn't there just nothing like squeezing dishcloth cotton? :)lol

Jan said...

Dishcloths? You're knitting dishcloths Sue? LOL Now, here I am know, the knitting illiterate! What is squidging? Is it something I need to know about? LOVE your socks! Those variegated yarns are to die for! :) You know me - I probably wouldn't knit with them though! hehehe