Thursday, 23 October 2008

Knit'n'chat and a bit of shopping

Fed up of staying inside "resting" I decided to go out today and try the knit'n'chat session I saw at local House of Fraser store hosted by Rowan DC, Anita. There was only one other lady and myself there, although they normally get 4 or 5; Anita did say it took a while to get her other group established in neighbouring store she works within so I might give it another couple of tries.
They had a 20% day today (and tomorrow, Friday) which was lucky as, inevitably, one starts to look at books and yarn when talking about books and yarn!
I bought two! the crochet workshop book will be handy for when I get my hook out (eventually!) to actually do something! (ha-ha!)

And I fancy some of the patterns in studio twelve (rather boringly of me its the sweetheart cardigan I quite fancy) (I've not actually bought the yarn - yet! but I've got it tucked away awaiting payment).

Had to buy some more sock yarn and with discount of 20% made two purchases. I took along my current sock WIP and really find this is a good project to have ready to go and I noticed the other lady, Sue, also had a "knit'n'chat project" (jumper knit with the HUGEST of balls of wool you've probably never seen!) but mine is much more portable!

While in the town I visited the local market area and by chance spotted that they had some bargains in their yarn section from one of the haberdasherers and I spied some dischcloth cotton at £0.89p/ball! Picked one in ecru up just .. because .. !

At the same time, I spotted they had the same ribbon yarn as purchased at a sewing/knitty show knit on large needles and one ball does a SUPER scarf! At £2.49 and buy-one-get-one-free it was a bargain and I chose a pink varigated and a plain black.
You can see my original purchase here and find the finished scarf which I promise looks much better in reality!

While in the town I visited WhSmiths to pick up a couple of books for no.2.son in series he is currently reading and saw that they were stocking Yarn Forward! HAD to pick up a copy! I'd forgotten I was supposed to be getting excited about this time to be purchasing it!!

Looking forward to reading that tonight over a glass of wine when the lads have gone to bed!

Other sundry purchases included an Iron Maiden cd for no.1.son who has decided he likes rock and is faintly embarrassed at the fact that his MUM actually liked it first and half of what he likes he can borrow from MY collection! (I find this quite funny! but I didn't have any Iron Maiden in my collection and have frightened him suggesting we "share" it!!)

WhSmiths had a sale on their Christmas card making sundries and I picked up a sheet of peel offs; not sure IF I fancy knitting socks on circulars, but after saying I was going to give it a go was rather pleased to find a couple of pairs of cheapie 2.25mm circulars which will do for a trial project! A new needle gauge, some dress lining and concealed zips finished my day off completely!

Wandered over to the train station laden with bags to find my train sat in the station! hurrah! how lucky! not! it was sat there for 40mins due to seasonal leaves on the lines! Luckily I spotted a pal/mum from playground coming home from her work and we sat together and caught up! Her no.2.son is same age/class as mine but her no.1.son is 2yrs ahead of my no.1.son so it was interesting getting her thoughts on the whole post-16 college thing that we are currently going through. She is a stage further, and is looking with Tom at University for teacher training and she surprised me loads by telling me the hours that he currently attends the local 6th form college which are surprisingly few!! Some days he does from 12-3pm! I don't remember school being like that in MY day! In fact I'm certain we finished closer to 4pm than the 3.10pm they do nowadays! (AND I'm certain the exams are less hard too!!)

Fortunately the train journey is short and I narrowly arrived home before the rain came!
Looking forward to my evening glass of wine and lovely magazine now!

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Jan said...

You sure did have a great day shopping Sue! Good on you! Those yarns look yummy and I can tell you're rather caught-up with knitting sox! LOL I really must have a day! hehehe Loved the pic of Bertie too! They sure are characters that keep us amused aren't they? Hope you're improving.