Monday, 13 October 2008

my NEW monkey socks OTN's

Using my super YUMMY Regia Silk Color sock yarn, I've cast on and knit most of the cuff of another pair of delicious Monkey socks!
I know! I know! I wasn't going to, then I was, then I decided I wouldn't! but THEN I had to make a visit to local Hospital on Saturday and having finished my last pair of socks, had to grab at yarn, DPN's and fling a pattern in my bag and it was easier to take this printed copy!
I don't mind, its a super easy pattern and I love the look of it and it gives me the opportunity to change the heel a bit this time round.
All the waiting until Dr's had been round to me meant I did a lot of knitting!
I could, possibly, have done more! but with several staff coming over to find out what I was doing with funny looking needles and was I really KNITTING - SOCKS!? I was somewhat held up from progressing!
I managed to knit until 2.40am before FINALLY the 2nd of the Dr's made his way over to me, by which time, of course, after 9hrs of *sitting* and *resting* I was perfectly well and breathing normally with no symptoms! and by that time it was far too late for me to call dh to come and pick me up and I thought maybe I'd just try and get some sleep afterall. I think I did nod off, I sort of remember my shoulder was hurting but exhaustion meant I didn't care! and then the flipping LIGHTS went full on and the nurses were clattering and banging about! at 6am! blast! They said the Dr's were doing their am rounds, what? again? I've got to wait AGAIN? I've just been seen! not quite as long to wait this time, but long enough to have got a good start on my sock!

LOVE this pattern! easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

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