Saturday, 4 October 2008

New Sock Yarn!

Is it a bit sad to get excited over new sock yarn?
Took our no.1.son shopping today, spent loads on cd/dvd's and sportswear, PS3 game for no.2.son who wouldn't come with us (which was financially probably for the better!) and dh came over all peculiar and selected a dvd, game AND a t.shirt for tennis too, sew I decided a couple of balls of sock yarn for me was perfectly in order!

This is Regia silk color, shade 0185.
I bought it from the wool/haby section in a department store and saw a notice advising customers that a twice weekly *knit'n'chat* group runs for one hour monday and thursday afternoons with a Rowan DC on hand for any knitting queries. You can bring along any knitty project purchased from anywhere! Monday is my regular day off and I thought I might pop along to give it a go!

Almost finished my skirt, I probably won't get chance to do much sewing this weekend but next week I plan to crack on and try out a trouser pattern I found in my *must do* pile in the front of my horn cabinet last night.

Oh! and no.2.son finally found my small silk tartan pincushion (still, thankfully, filled with pins! but who knows if the full amount of pins!) that I suspected Bertie had pinched - he'd buried in underneath a pile of wadding in the far corner of my sewing room and I'm still not sure how no.2.son managed to find it, but I'm glad he did!

Weather is extremely dismal, that fine very *wet* rain and starting to feel quite cold.

Shoulder still acting up, now spread down to elbow and wrist. Awaiting appointment for physio.


Valeri said...

How about some pictures of the skirt and trousers? And how are you doing with the quilting?

Jules said...

Hope the shoulder holds up!:( And I know it sounds crazy, but I totally wish we could swap weather. We're still having 88 degree days and the nights are still warm at 68 degrees. Sigh! Oh to live in the dreary England. I may well be the only American spurred on by rain!:)lol I love it, energizes me. And I get so misty thinking of ya'll over there with wool on to keep warm. We barely wear coats here & definitely not with long sleeves on too. That'd just be sweaty once you go into a store or such.:P

Can't wait to see the pictures of your sewing extravaganza!:)