Monday, 20 October 2008

Sock and dishcloths

I love this sock! isn't it lovely? the colours and the pattern are just fab! sock.1 complete, sock.2 cast OTN's and at rib stage. Same pattern as before (Monkey) just LOVE it!

Small projects are just about all I can manage at the moment in between bouts of painful shoulder (tendonytis) and bouts of fatigue and I'm really rather pleased I got started on this type of knitting.
For ages now I've pondered whether to knit a dishcloth! Now I've got some yarn sent kindly by a cyber-knitty-pal who is a huge fan of Alan Dart patterns and we've done some exchanging recently, there's no excuse about not having a go. I never thought I'd find myself saying I'm about to knit a dishcloth, then again I didn't think I'd say I'd knit a pair of socks!

Weather here has been a bit miserable today, very wet! A library book I'd ordered had arrived and I charged up to collect it only to discover it was the late night and didn't open until 1pm! Had to wait for 20mins which means I got rather wet.

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