Thursday, 9 October 2008

Post 16 options

Yesterday evening school held a post-16 options session involving various local colleges.
Scarily this has come upon us quite quickly! it doesn't seem all that long ago that no.1.son was just starting his secondary school and now we find its some short number of weeks to his mock GCSE's and then his actual exams and then he's DONE!
Our school doesn't offer a 6th form college and we have two choices favoured at the moment and their open days are coming up in the next month. No.1.son seems firmly set on joining RAF and dh thinks we ought to explore this with him (rather than collapsing into a pile of weeping heap of anxious mum-mode begging his to reconsider his original junior school ambition of being an icecream van man!).
Well, I know from my own experience at 16/17 that what EVER my LateMum *told* me not to do, I did and did in full, I can't really be all that surprised that its not happening to me now in reverse?


Jules said...

I don't wanna even THINK of my boys getting bigger! 10 is old enough for me.:(

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Bless your heart, I know how you feel! DD went through a phase during the last couple of years of high school (age 16-17) of wanting to join the military too.

Although I'd have fallen to pieces if she had joined, I pretended to be ok with the idea since, like you said, if you say "no" they're SO much more likely to do it. She changed her mind, & I hope your DS does too! (((hugs)))