Monday, 6 October 2008


I am building up to one of these! (cd pincushion, see the tutorial) in the meantime I found an empty jam jar lid and cut some fabrics to have a go! Inspired by this.

I was going to CP a top but decided to *cheat* with a faux effect fabric I had instead as I wasn't convinced it would be quite as nice as I hoped! (it isn't. actually. quite AS nice but then it wouldn't be? but the next one will be with yummy stitching and bits of beads! yes?)

The ribbon to finish around the join is actually better matching than the photograph reflects, btw.

Terrible shot! but you can see how cute this is?

Can't wait to have another go!

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Hannies Annies said...

Hi came over from Jan's blog! Love your pincushion! I can't believe you have had your heat on since Aug/Sept!! we are just turning on ours now, this week! I live in Nashua NH New England, right now the leaves are turning colors it is just beautiful! Love your blog!