Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Knitty progress : dishcloths and scarves

If I can find the blogger whose pattern I'm using for the above dishcloth I'll link it but I've temporarily forgotten where it is! but its a dead easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy pattern and ideal for this colourway.
Unfortunately the dishcloth below doesn't quite show off the sewing machine motif as well as it does here, where you can find the pattern, but never mind! it was a nice quick knit anyway!

I finished my two drop stitch scarves a couple of days ago and though the photo's aren't terribly inspiring, I promise these are LOVELY!! the ribbon yarn is nice and shiney and actually the top version is more raspberry/red shades which is not terribly well reflected in the photo and at £2.49 each but on offer at buy-one-get-one-free it makes it a terribly cheap make!
Tempted, slightly, to return to market and purchase another couple for Christmas gift ideas to keep incase I come across someone desperate for a handknitted xmas gift!
(it hasn't happened SEW far, what makes me think it will happen now?).

2nd monkey sock.2 is still on the go and I'm finding these smaller projects much easier to cope with as I struggle, still, with my shoulder hurting and the fatigue too is starting to get me down a bit as I really thought after a month I'd be feeling a little better in myself but apparently I'm not! I'm feeling worse!
Another week before returning to GP and another MONTH before first physio session on shoulder!

(the snow, btw, continues to fall and looks like sticking too! no.1.son arrived home a few minutes ago with inches of snow on the top of his head! he refused to let me take a photo saying he's NOT falling for the old "no! son! of COURSE I'm not uploading it to blogger!" .. (wise boy!))

DH is off today with his new boss to see the football match and he's not sure whether he wants HIS team to win (which isn't terribly likely given the groans following last lot of matches) or whether he wants his boss's team to. I suggested perhaps a diplomatic draw. Either way they've gone up to Newcastle and he's staying overnight too.

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Jules said...

Enjoy the time alone & great knits girl!:) Love them! I'm with ya, small knits are so fun & satisfying.