Thursday, 9 October 2008

Skirts (again)

Well it looks like nothing hanging there all hangy! on the hanger!
(no, I've still not got a dressform, yes I'm still thinking about getting one)
But its finished and its a nice if plain skirt and will do for work.
Makes a difference the fabric, yesterday I wore a much lighter, more drapey fabric version and its like wearing a totally different skirt.
Last night I cut out and prepared the pattern pieces for the Burda 8213 which is SIMILAR in style and will look forward to comparing this. One advantage of having so much of this grey fabric, I can afford to cut a pattern and discard it if the fit is not right; generally, however, I am fine at adjusting the pattern to accommodate my one high hip, sway back, high waist AND large blancmange middle bit!

Monkey sock.2 is nearing completion, just the shaping at the toe to do today (hopefully).


Jules said...

LOve the skirt!

Valeri said...

Bet this looks really flattering when on!