Sunday, 5 October 2008

A Christmas Giveaway!

A very talented cyber-pal is having a giveaway! of one of her more popular patterns!
Do visit her blog and read her post for a chance to win this super prize!

Val asks for pics of the skirt and progress on trousers and quilting projects: pics will follow of skirt although they are a bit dull! Trousers are next! have now got my pattern out from the position in horn cabinet that shows is a likely pattern to be tackled and is now sitting on my cutting table looking promisingly at me!! As for quilting! I've not yet done a thing! and I'm actually very cross about this as one thing I did want to do was get on with this. I'd better put my best foot forward and get ON with it!!
I admire Val for not putting on her central heating until now (and I remember the off at May and on in Oct *rules* only too well for ad.ed. centres and can PROMISE that I have gone through sessions sat with coats and scarves ON and clutching at hot cups of coffee to keep warm!)
Our central heating I'm sad, I mean GLAD, to say has been on since about August! (not really! it was September!). I can't be doing with the cold, it upsets my rather arthritic knees too much!

Jules! I've noted your email addy and also found you on Rav and contacted you there! I will email you shortly, you are right, its not the most efficient way to carry on a conversation via the comments box on our blogs!

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